G&G understands the unique nature of each company and we thrive on adapting our services to the specific needs of each company we serve. We analyse in detail the needs and operations of our customers, in order to determine the most efficient solutions. Adding value to your team and working as an extension of your company.

Solid Experience with International Trade Associations

G&G has worked with Government Agencies and Associations from the following countries:

G&G has provided services to private companies from the following countries:

Proven Results

Key contacts:

In Mexico, personal relations are the very essence of business, and the contacts that G&G has developed at government level along with the most important industrial associations, allow us to identify key players in diverse sectors.


G&G has developed a methodology and expertise that achieves results no matter what sector of interest. Our method is the result of years of experience in which we have delivered successful projects in multiple industries.


Our team has developed strong communication skills, enabling us to transmit in a clear and precise manner, the objectives of foreign companies in Mexico. As a result, our team is able to obtain first-hand information for market research reports and effectively secure B2B meetings.