G&G offers solutions for international import and export trade operations, acting as an extension of your team

Logistic and customs consulting:

We identify the most cost-effective route for your projects in Mexico and provide ongoing assistance on customs related topics, which includes reviewing export/import documents. We have the capacity to provide complete logistics solutions, acting as a liaison between the freight forwarders, customs brokers and our customers in order to simplify international logistics operations. 

International trade consulting:

Regardless of your degree of experience in international operations, we support you from simple questions related to foreign trade to complex issues that might impact your company. Through a comprehensive understanding of international policies, regulations and economic environments in which we function, we provide recommendations and insights that add value to your organization.

Procedures and management:

We have experience, knowledge and contacts in various government agencies enabling us to carry out efficiently and effectively the processing and management of a variety of procedures related to foreign trade agencies such as COFEPRIS, SE, SADER, NOM’s, SAT, CUSTOMS, among others.

Management of foreign trade programs:

We help our customers to successfully run operations, taking advantage of Mexico’s special programs (IMMEX, PROSEC).

Market research and commercial information:

We provide complete and up-to-date information about the product or sector of interest, which will be the first step to succeeding in the market.

Preventive audits:

One step ahead of the problems, our team assess risk management audits in international trade.

Maquiladoras coordination:

G&G has developed a large network of maquila companies, dealing in a wide range of products for private foreign companies looking to manufacture products that are unique to Mexico or are more price competitive in Mexico. We will coordinate the production according to your specifications and guide you through any foreign trade related topic from trade compliance, labelling guidelines, international regulations, FDA compliance to complete door-to-door solutions, while dealing with all paperwork and logistics, acting as an external foreign trade department to your company.  An example of this service: international companies looking to produce their own brand of Tequila, to be sold in their domestic market, where we offer tailored solutions that suit your specific needs.

We help our clients to make international business happen!

Our Capacity

  • 5,000+ One-on-one business meetings per year are arranged by our office.

  • 70+ Market Research studies have been conducted.

  • 120+ Matchmaking events have been coordinated.

  • 30+ International Federal and State agencies have contracted our services.

  • 200+ Private companies have worked with us.