G&G Gestoria en Comercio Exterior is a one of a kind company, being the only consulting firm in Mexico dedicated to providing such a comprehensive range of international trade services. We serve domestic companies on dealing with foreign trade compliance as well as international companies, government agencies, economic development organisations and trade related associations with their promotion interests in Mexico.

Comprehensive Expertise

Since 2002, G&G has been providing specialised services in Foreign Trade, based on key competitive elements that allow companies to reduce costs and time in the productive chain, generating added value that positively impacts the profitability of the business.

We offer the most extensive array of solutions to aid foreign companies and government agencies in the development of successful business in Mexico.

Unique combination of services

We design tailored strategical solutions covering the complete cycle of foreign trade, from international relations, market research, trade compliance, tradeshows and the importation of goods into Mexico.

The consulting team is integrated with highly skilled full-time consultants with backgrounds in international trade, business, marketing, international relations and accounting, located at our headquarters in Guadalajara.

In addition to our in-house team, G&G has partnered with consulting firms in Mexico City, engaging in specific consulting assignments that require fieldwork and additional resources. G&G has developed a network of collaborators, including accounting firms, customs brokers, industrial real estate and warehouse logistics management companies and transport service providers to assist companies in Mexico.

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G&G Gestoría en Comercio Exterior

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